10 February 2014

Our New Website
We are finally up and running with our new website.  We know it’s taken a long time – but there are no excuses – other than it is now done and we hope you enjoy it.
Some new features are that guests can now book and pay for accommodation on the website.  This includes Travel Agents who will be able to log in on the site and make bookings.  We will also be advertising our Crazy Club specials for certain weekends and these price and dates will pull through onto the website.
And….  the good news is that our prices will be staying the same for the foreseeable future.  We realize that it is pretty tough out there for most folks, so we are doing our best to keep costs down and will do so for as long as we possibly can.
Aviation Friendly
Don’t forget that we do have a grass strip on the property which can accommodate most Light Sport Aircraft and Microlights.  What better place to fly away to where you can park your plane right outside your bedroom door!!
New Entrance
As some of you are aware, we now have an electric fence around the Lodge and an automatic gate at the entrance.  To access the gate on arrival, you will need to call the number on the gate and thereafter you will be given automatic access which is activated by calling the number given to you on your cell phone after check-in.
The Veggie Garden
Unfortunately, as a result of this “restructuring” the veggie garden landed up outside the perimeter fence.  This made life a little difficult for us, as it was no longer a walk up to the garden path to pick veggies, but a whole mission opening and closing the gate etc.  We also decided that the shade cloth and the veggie garden were looking a bit tired and untidy at our smart new front entrance.  So …. Veggies are now being planted all over the garden inside the property and are disguised amongst the beautiful flowers.  We are trying our best to implement permaculture design principles and techniques into our new project and who knows, maybe one day, we can run some permaculture courses here.  Brenda has become a mamba at building compost heaps that “steam” their way into existence and our worm farm is in full production providing the necessary nutrients for the garden.
Sustainable Living
Just in case you didn’t know, not a lot of stuff goes to waste here at Emoyeni.  All the kitchen peelings go to feed the worms or onto the compost heap.  The sunlight is trapped and turned into hot water.  Bryan is passionate about this project and we only have the garden cottage still to put on stream to capture these 34°C days.  Next in line for manipulation is the rain water.  Water has become very expensive now and we stand and watch sadly as the torrents of storm water go washing down the gutters un-used.  We have mulched all the gardens to keep the moisture in the ground and to stop the plants from wilting, but will be so much happier if we could re-use that water from the heavens in the dry winter months, when there is no rain in sight.
Part of the permaculture project is to utilise a “chicken tractor” to till the soil, so we have invested in five beautiful white hens who live in a very fancy A-Frame in the garden and are employed to scratch around when an old veggie patch needs tilling and fertilizing.  And … bonus, they give us eggs in the bargain too.  So we have genuine organic “Happy Hen” eggs on the breakfast table.
The Happy Hens

Albert, our gardener, has just reaped two big boxes of beautiful potatoes and we are now planting our winter veggies and even some sweet peas for spring time.
New Pub Area and Sunday Lunchtime Live Music
We have just laid the slab which will extend the bar and give us more undercover space for our Sunday Lunches and live music.   A list of the musicians and when they are playing will be posted on the website so you can plan your lives accordingly.  The Menus are always updated on our Facebook Page and as far as possible will include a generous helping of vegetarian and healthy options to balance out the ever popular meaty roasts and creamy desserts.
The Catering Department
Towards the end of 2013, we did a major revamp on the Kitchen and gave the dining room a new look.  Our new industrial oven has paid for itself ten times over and is now Chef Kadija’s new best friend.  To fully utilize its capabilities, we will be offering off-site catering towards the latter part of 2014.
The Rest of the Family
For those who remember the four Jack Russells, we are happy to report that Toffee is rapidly recovering from her unsightly skin condition thanks to a wonderful shampoo from the vet, but had to have some tumors removed from her tummy a few weeks ago.  She still insists on tanning, however, so maybe the next time you see her she will be encapsulated in a UV vest, to keep the damaging sun from her delicate pink skin!!
That’s all for now folks. We look forward to your next visit.
 Bryan and his "children"                                 Laying the slab for the new pub extension

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